Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Duo day with submissive Erin Page

I’m spending the day with the wonderful Erin Paige on Saturday July 28th. 

She’s beautiful, blonde, buxom and wants me to do wonderfully evil things to her. You can observe as she’s justly punished, be punished together (joint detention anyone?) or we can both plot and plan to teach her the error of her ways.

Some examples to whet your appetite...

* The pair of you have been summoned to Headmistress Raynor’s office. Erin is always getting you into trouble and this time it’s for cheating on a test. However, I know that you’ve both cheated, and so you are both put over my desk for a lesson you’ll never forget.

* Your wife Erin has been unfaithful, and instead of divorce, you decide a lesson in fidelity is in order. If it’s satisfaction she wants then it’s satisfaction she’ll get - over and over until she’s begging you to stop! My role as a couples therapist ensures I know exactly which buttons of hers to press.

* The beautiful girl you’ve arranged to have kidnapped is now right in front of you, being expertly tormented by Ms Raynor. Watch as the girl made to cry and beg to be let you, until your twisted desires are satisfied.

* Your anniversary holiday was going so well until you met a mysterious woman in a bar. Erin decides to be daring and invites her back to your hotel room, only for the mystery woman to to have her own agenda. You never thought you’d be forced to do such awful things to your wife...

I’d advise interested gents to book ASAP, as if left until the last minute it will be unlikely we’ll be able to fit you in (that, and Erin will need to plan to have enough energy through the day!).