Monday, November 23, 2020

Ordering your custom clips, November 2020

As many of you know, I've been having a fantastic time creating custom clips and photos for a few years. As well as it being available on my site, I thought it prudent to put information regarding creating your own here.

The majority of deviancies I commit during sessions are also harnessed in my custom videos, from boot and apparel worship, instructional cbt, humiliation and role play, for your eyes only. Most requests are for 15 minute videos (£150) and 50 image photo sets (£100). All are in HD, can be made in any format and you will be sent a secure link to download them. I retain the copyright to all my media and content is only for your private use and not to be uploaded anywhere. The sole payment methods I use are bank transfer or gift voucher.

The above is for a solo video where I'm filming with a tripod. At the moment for obvious reasons, I'm only filming solo. Here is the most recent one I made, for a leather fetishist.

Seeking strap on?

Begging for boots?

Coveting my cigarettes?

Ready for role play?

Begging to be bent over?

A chump for chastity?

My turnaround time is 5 days, and there is no better time to acquire such delights as during this second UK lockdown! My limits: nudity, switching, abdl, splosh, hardsports, racial humiliation.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Special Offer For Lockdown No.2

My special offer from Lockdown No.1 was a roaring success, so am re-unleashing it once more. To give my gents something to look forward to, any pre-paid session over 90 minutes will be graced with the following time, pro bono:

1.5hr: extra 30min (= 2hrs for £300 instead of £400)
2hr: extra 30min (= 2.5hrs for £400 instead of £500)
2.5hr: extra 60min (= 3.5hrs for £500 instead of £700)
3hr: extra 60min (= 4hrs for £600 instead of £800)

Both types of Extended Bondage sessions will have 30min added.

As above, I'm taking bookings for December and January, though for obvious reasons I'm having to be more cautious about who I see and when I see them. My attentions have also been turned towards making custom videos, which I've always found exciting (click here for the information if you would like one of your very own).

In other salacious news, since May I have published 49 new clips for you to enjoy, with more on the way. It's been a learning curve on how to edit video, but the process has been overall an enjoyable one. If you're more inclined towards a subscription site, then I have excellent news for you. My AVN Stars site currently holds 500 photos and 53 clips, plus further tasty treats thrown your way. You can sign up here.

In further salacious news, I have updated my Keepsakes page, for those gents who wish to take home some well worn items from my personal wardrobe. In such times when you cannot come to Mistress, then a piece of Mistress can come to you. Click here to see the selection of well worn stockings, panties, socks, tights and more.

Monday, July 13, 2020

London Dominatrix Covid-19 procedure

While the following might sound a dry read, it is only so that we can revel in good clean fun. 

From July 14th I will be meeting an extremely limited amount of gents per week, and whomever pops the cork on this is going to have a hell of a job keeping up. Priority will be given to those who have visited before and those who can drive to me. I have an underlying health condition which would spell bad news if I were to catch this, so I choose to view your following the below procedures as a mark our respect to each other. Even health professionals will say that nothing is 100% effective (other than abstinence, and I'm certainly not one for that!). I have on a regular basis throughout the years been taught aseptic touch technique by medical professionals.

All funds to be made by bank transfer in advance, as I don't want to handle cash. If either of us need to cancel for any reason, this can be used for a future date.

You will confirm that you have not within the past two weeks:
- had any C-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, body aches, loss of taste or smell, diarrhoea, delirium, nausea)
- been within two meters of anyone experiencing the above symptoms
- visited any bars or restaurants nor been within large crowds
- rarely use public transport (I have free parking outside my door after 6.30pm weekdays, after 1pm on Saturdays and all day Sundays)

The following activities and toys are not on the cards for the time being:
- aromas
- double dom, double sub etc
- gags (disposable vet wrap is an excellent alternative)
- masks and hoods (if you want the feeling of head encasement, we can use vet wrap)
- oral strap on
- smoking
- spitting
- watersports
- water boarding

Procedure when you arrive:
- you will use the sanitiser provided on your hands
- I will give you a mask if you don't have your own, and you will wear it for the entire session
- I will give you a container to put your clothes and bags into and it will be left in the hallway
- go and shower, wash your hands with the Hibiscrub provided, use sanitiser again and put on the gloves provided
- meet me in the dungeon and let the games begin

What I'm personally doing:
I use the end of a screen pen for touch screens and card readers in shops which is then put back in its long case. I don't touch traffic lights, handrails and have not been on public transport since early March. I live alone and go outside (wearing a mask) a grand total of once per week. I won't be renting out my dungeon for the time being.

How Do I Clean?:
Virkon is an antivirus, antifungal, antibacterial broad spectrum disinfectant which is used in hospitals, farms, stables - you get the picture. I use it to clean door handles, furniture, light switches, floors, taps, the sink, bath, shower curtain/hose/head and toilet. Drinking glasses will be thoroughly scrubbed with boiling water shortly before you arrive. I will give you a straw so you don't have to remove your mask entirely to take a drink.

And finally:
The cost of PPE and associated medical and hygiene supplies that I regularly buy anyway have skyrocketed, and yet my tribute has not gone up. Keep this in mind and be respectful of me and my time.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

That time I orgasmed on live TV. Actually, those two times...

But first, a little back story. It all started when I was modelling regularly through a variety of sites around 12 years ago, and answered an ad via one of the forums. Someone was recruiting for one of the naughty SKY TV channels where you see the lady on your screen and phone in to discuss matters of a carnal nature. I auditioned in their London office and in no time at all, was on national television from 9-3am. The set was in a huge building, with each massive room divided up into different sets, and on each of those was a different channel. Mine was decorated as a normal living room, and the ladies (there were normally three of us at a time) would sit on the couch together, each speaking to different gentlemen on our phones. Whenever there was a lull, the producer would ask one of us to go to the set's ironing board and pretend to use the iron, and to this day it amazes me how much this got the phones going again. Being the person I am - I dressed in the manner to which you are all accustomed, and I was the one who the kinksters would phone.

Those were wild days and nights. I would get picked up at 6.30pm near Highbury and Islington tube and a car load of us would drive to the studio near Milton Keynes, do the show and drive back at 3am. I'd get home, fall into bed, wake up, take a session then out the door to do it all again.

A few months down the line the set changed to a bedroom with a round bed, bestowed with black satin sheets. And here is where I divulge about that first climactic adventure.

There I was, laying alone on the slippery bed while my colleague was on a break, thinking about a certain someone. I was facing the camera and laying on my left side, right knee bent, phone in my left hand and with my right arm draped behind my right hip. My thoughts were rather charged, and a particularly warped one entered my mind. The rules on phone in shows were very strict, and you were not allowed to touch the area your underwear covered (I happened to be wearing a latex catsuit that fateful evening). Well, dear reader, the destination of that right hand I'd draped behind me was hidden by my thigh, and let us just say that no one was any the wiser as I took a few moments for myself. Needless to say, the circumstances only heightened the experience and I kept a straight face throughout.

(Lighting pale skin next to tanned skin must have been a nightmare. I hid their faces in case they are no longer in the industry.)

The second momentous occasion happened while working for another TV company, but this time it was actively encouraged. Again, I dressed as my usual self, and my favourite calls were from gents who I could tell were actually doing what I instructed (which was normally something rather painful to themselves), instead of pretending for my benefit.

This was a paid access area of the channel. The rules were that you could partake in the act of self love, but you had to have something hide the actual deed (your thigh or hair usually). This being my first time on that area of the channel, I took the opportunity, threw caution to the wind and was very successful in achieving ascension. Oddly enough, it seemed the cameraman had never witnessed a real one on set, because he said something like "wow, she just came" into his headset to the producers.

I may not partake in the same genre anymore (it's exclusively Femdom these days), but I still have just as much in the way of enjoyment. That period of time was one of the highlights of my life for a number of reasons, but a potent one was the conversations I used to have and the connections made. A farmer who used to send in photos of his cows was a favourite, and the ladies and I used to have competitions about who could insert the most surreal words into a conversation. My own personal achievement was the word armadillo! Those were the days. I don't talk about having vanilla sex on the phone these days for the same reason I've not been to a sex club in years (and even then, it was only just to watch). I remain unconcerned with anyone who thinks any less of me for doing that - it's more of a reflection on them in any case. I had a lot of fun, earned a lot of money and it gave me some fabulous memories and anecdotes. So let's create some new fantastic memories, shall we?

My go to is Adult Work, but I've just opened my brand spanking new iWantClips line, so I can connect with gents from all across the world. Will you be my first international kinky caller? Check on my Twitter between 7pm and 9pm GMT (or whenever else I feel the urge) to see which platform I'm on as it sends an automated log in Tweet, or simply go to either of my profiles and you'll see whichever one says Available Now.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

New clip - Your Ass Broke My Canes!

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Important news regarding smoking sessions

This will pain some of you to hear, but I can assure you it’s far less painful than some of my other talents!

I’m having to stop smoking, and have chosen August 31st as the stop date. This will effect approximately 45% of the gentlemen who visit me as smoking sessions are quite popular, however, I must think of my health in the long term.

Thank you all for understanding. And if you’d like to visit for a smoking session, I suggest booking soon rather than leaving it until the last minute.