Friday, October 16, 2015

Dungeon refurbishment

Just a little update for those who have not yet experienced the upgrades I have made to my dungeon. Having grown tired of the cold feel of a grey floor, I opted for some warmth and had a kink friendly tradesman install a dark wood effect. I have also been playing furniture tetris to get the best use out of the space. After a long day thrashing bottoms, it really is calming to put everything back in it's rightful place (and I don't merely mean just the slaves!). I'm very much a perfectionist and I also like change, thus am oft to be found reorganising my space and making improvements every few months.

Speaking of change, I have removed some activities which no longer interest me in order to focus more on those that do. My love of boots has far outstripped my love of shoes for example, so I will most likely be selling the majority of them. One can never have enough leather boots! I spend the majority of my sessions these days doing things on the heavier end of SM (much to my delight), so have deleted the more 'fluffy' of activities. For those regulars who have already seen me for lighter activities, I am still happy to have you visit.

The new smoking section of my sessions page.

Some photos of my gorgeous refurbishment!